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TV Shows

  Semi-finalists Got Talent 2015

  Double Winner " My Special Talent " 2013 & 2014

  French programme "Bienvenue Chez Cauet "
  French programme "C'est mon choix "

  Besomeone / Paco Rabanne brand advertising

  Mtv France / Trace Tv appearances

  Sport + broadcasting

  Prince of Monaco's gala broadcast 


Sports events

  French Olympic and Sporting Committee 

  FIBA entertainment games
  French professional basketball games PRO A & PRO B

  Professionnal games in Swiss/Belgium/Germany/Spain

  International Hip-hop events shows    

  All Star Game IDF
  Forums/ sports meetings 


Privates events

  Prince of Monaco's gala

  Theaters events : Paris , Lyon , Marseille

  Dinners shows

  Private works council : Suisse & France
  Numerous Bar Mitzvahs  
  Nightclubs: Paris , Nantes , Metz , Toulouse


  Hip-hop videoclips: Millimore ,  Iron Black
  Contest : Young's talent 
  Sport modeling : Kaporal , Paco Rabanne , Ikends
  Interviews : Parisian newspapers , Chérie FM
  Numerous short films: ACESS-TV , G.F.U
  Advertising : Besomeone , Paco Rabanne

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